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Let's get organized!

Cloudy to Clear offers professional organizing services designed to help you find clarity and peace of mind

When your space is organized, you feel happier and free so that you can think better and thrive

Claudia the Professional Organizer

Professional Home Organizing in the 

San Francisco Bay Area

Daly City, California


Hi, I'm


The founder of Cloudy to Clear Professional Organizing, a professional home and office organizing company servicing San Mateo County, San Francisco, and the East Bay.  I'm also a San Francisco native who grew up in the eclectic Mission District.  


Organizing spaces has been one of my passions ever since I was a young girl.  I always felt the urge to “edit” anything that seemed out of place and found gratification when I found ways to improve any living area. 


Fast forward to adult life, I realized that this passion was actually a skill that I could use to help people truly enjoy their homes.  I’ve learned that de-cluttering and organizing, even just a small area in the home or office, brings joy, clarity, freedom and inner peace. 


My mission is to have my clients experience the beauty of organized and clutter-free spaces. 

If you are overwhelmed by all the responsibilities you have in your life and need help creating physical order in your home and/or office, I would LOVE to help you.  Let's chat!

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If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or are interested in virtual sessions, please contact me to schedule a free 30-minute consultation in person or via zoom!

Languages spoken:  English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Cloudy to Clear Professional Organizing is a leading professional organizer in the 

San Francisco Bay Area, CA professional organizers directory on



I respect and value your privacy.  I aim to ensure you are comfortable with me working in your personal space.


We will work together to create practical and creative solutions that you can reasonably maintain.


You can rely on me to always show kindness and compassion and be empathetic to your needs.

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Claudia is a terrific organizer. She is energetic, focused and kind. I was overwhelmed and embarrassed with the clutter in my kitchen and appreciated how compassionate and hard working she was. In a short time she was able to create a flow and created even more space than we knew we had! She went above and beyond and I can't thank her enough. 

I am really looking forward to working with her again soon and highly recommend  Claudia for your projects or for ongoing household help with keeping your life organized!!

Daly City

I had never used a professional organizer before. The idea sounded fun and an investment at the same time. The execution from Cloudy to Clear was even better than I imagined. I was provided with a plan and many suggestions based on what I wanted. I can see how years of experience make a difference and make professional organizing an art. My kitchen and pantry are now perfect. The space flows in the way I need it. Every single item is functional for my family and me. I don't feel overwhelmed anymore in my kitchen. Instead, I feel joy!

San Francisco

Claudia was amazing. She is extremely professional and ready to help with any project you have... Over the time leading up to our appointment she checked in regularly to prepare me for the project and shared ideas that might work in my space. At our appointment, she was understanding and met me where I was. I was really nervous about going through my stuff even though I was ready. Claudia slowed down her pace and checked in with me throughout the process to make sure I felt comfortable. She really helped me stay on task and work through some areas that I have been really struggling with on my own. I was surprised by how much space we were able to create by removing just a couple boxes of things. And in the end she was able to help me clean up and drop off donations. She let me know where everything went and continued to check in and share ideas following our appointment. I highly recommend Claudia and would hire her again if needed for another project.

San Francisco

Moving is categorized as one of the top items that cause stress. When you add on any challenges like working full time it is even more stressful. I called Cloudy to Clear for a consultation and my stress was alleviated.


Claudia was AMAZING! She worked a few hours a day for a little over a week and everything was organized. I was able to clear out clothing and dish-ware I no longer needed. She did not put any pressure but gave me time then took it away to donate.


The movers brought the furniture and we were all together.  It was truly Cloudy to Clear! I recommended her to two friends that were moving and I will get a spring re-organization next year.


Claudia is fast, efficient, practical and professional. I highly recommend her.


San Francisco

Claudia has turned a tedious task of organizing into a real teaching moment!  A pied-à-terre in San Francisco has evolved from a very loosely organized and thrown together spot into an uber organized apartment.  What a joy after a session with Claudia  to end up with MORE room for things simply by rearranging and making better use of space.  She is also a joy to work with.

San Carlos

Claudia is outstanding! I will definitely work with her again. She is incredibly efficient with time, and she worked magic on my space. She also ensured that my discards went to places where they’d be reused. I learned so much and the organization has been easy to maintain. I’m so much happier in my home.


I have never used a professional organizer before but realized I needed help organizing my daughters' rooms. The experience with Claudia far exceeded my expectations. She was truly able to transform each room. Even more, she thought about how each of my children would like their space to work and created personalized solutions for us. Our whole family had a great experience!

San Francisco

Claudia covered a job for me (another professional organizer in San Francisco) & she was communicative, clear, and my client had a positive experience with her.

If I can't take a job, Claudia is my go-to. If you're on here as a client looking for a professional organizer, Claudia will definitely take care of you! Hire her!

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